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Hi All!

Welcome to THE CAVE! My name is Max and I’m the founder of BEAR SQUEEZE. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with performance. How do we get to be our strongest selves both physically and mentally? What role does nutrition and fitness play in high performance? How can we feel our best in a sustainable way? I’ve decided to make it my mission to bring together some of the brightest people to help us all gain some more insight into the art & science of peak performance.

BEAR SQUEEZE is a brand with a powerful mission: to help unlock human potential and inspire great performance. You may be wondering what exactly BEAR SQUEEZE is? Well, for now our team is keeping it somewhat a secret but I can tell you it’s a performance-driven nutrition product that is ketogenic, paleo, and vegan. We will be releasing more information on our product as we get closer to our launch.

While we’re working on perfecting our product’s formulation, we wanted to work on building a community of like-minded performance-driven people. That’s why we launched THE CAVE – our blog for BEAR SQUEEZE. We want to help each other get better in some way each day. Whether is learning a new healthy recipe, a helpful productivity tip for business or a badass fitness routine. Our number one priority is to help change people’s lives in a meaningful way.

We would love to be a useful resource in your life and appreciate any feedback as we build out this blog. We don’t claim to be “know-it-alls” but rather a group of people passionate about improving our lives and the lives of others through knowledge and experimentation. What works for one person, might not work for another but that person may never know unless they try!

Please send an email to thecave@bearsqueeze.co with any feedback or recommendations and we’ll do our best to help build this blog into a unique source of knowledge, inspiration and entertainment for you to enjoy. We’d also love for you to add yourself to our newsletter list so we can notify you of our product launch and new blog posts we release. We’ll be sure to keep the emails valuable and respect your inbox.

I look forward to getting to meet some of you throughout the coming weeks!

To the good life!


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Max is the founder of BEAR SQUEEZE. He is obsessed with nutrition, fitness and discovering new ways to improve performance. Max lives in Los Angeles and in his spare time you can find him surfing along the pacific coast.

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