Nutrition Lingo: What are “Macros” & “Micros”? Why should you care?

You may have overheard a conversation or two where people mentioned how good their “MACROs” have been lately. Or how they aren’t getting enough “MICROS” so they need in increase their veggies.


MACRO stands for MACRO NUTRIENTS, which are nutrients required in large amounts. These include FATs, PROTEINs and CARBs that make up your calorie consumption.


MICROS refer to MICRONUTRIENTS, nutrients required in small quantities to sustain life such as vitamins and minerals.

How you structure your MACROS will help effect your waistline and body composition, while the MICROS will provide your body with vital nutrients it needs to thrive and optimize its performance.

If you are deficient in a certain MICRO, like magnesium, you may feel tense. If you aren’t getting enough of a MACRO like fat, you may notice your skin is dry.


AT BEAR SQUEEZE, we believe the key to vitality is in high fat, medium protein and low carb diet. We’re obsessed with bringing a product to market with optimal MACRO structure and including all the MICROs needed to perform at your peak.

Whether you agree or disagree, we’d love for you to follow up on our journey toward creating our nutrition line. We’ll all learn more from each other and ultimately find the winning formula for optimal health.

Cheers to the good life!


About the Author


Max is the founder of BEAR SQUEEZE. He is obsessed with nutrition, fitness and discovering new ways to improve performance. Max lives in Los Angeles and in his spare time you can find him surfing along the pacific coast.

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