7 Morning Routines for Peak Performance

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you”Jim Rohn

We all have those days that run away from us. You know that damn task list that seems to increase throughout the day as we struggle to maintain our composure. We’ve also had days where we felt in complete control, kicking ass and getting sh*t done!

The golden question is: how do we have more kickass days?

Here is a collection of routines you can try adding in to get yourself in the mindset of a peak performer:

  1. Meditation
    1. Meditation can help increase your ability to handle stressful situations and also your ability to sustain focus. Both are critical for peak performance.
    2. Start with using a guided app like HEADSPACE and work your way up to 20min a day.
  2. Journaling
    1. Getting that crazy monkey chatter out of your head and onto paper can help empty some space for some much needed brain power.
    2. Start by free flowing whatever is on your mind for 5min in the morning.
    3. There are apps like DAY ONE you can use if you prefer to keep it digital.
  3. Cold Shower
    1. A cold shower wakes you up while increasing your metabolism.
    2. Start with 30secs at the end of your shower and build up to 4mins+
    3. Follow WIM HOFF for more information on the benefits of cold therapy.
  1. Exercising
    1. Exercising in the morning not only helps you sleep better at night, but also increasing endorphins, helping you start your day in a better mood.
    2. If you are tight on time, you can buy a jump rope or mini-trampoline and get a quick 10mins in before you head to work.
  2. Gratitude list
    1. Gratitude is another way to boost the feel good chemicals in your brain.
    2. Start with writing down three things or people you are grateful for each morning. Be authentic with your choices. You want to actually FEEL grateful while you perform this routine.
  3. Review your goals
    1. People who write down there goals are far more likely to achieve them. People who review their goals on a daily basis, increase their chances of success even more.
    2. Write down your top 5 goals and re-read them to yourself each morning. Ideally, your top goal has a deeper purpose beyond your own benefit and makes you feel alive.
  4. Visualization
    1. Visualization can help bridge the gap between an idea and an action by allowing you to imagine yourself taking the steps to accomplish your objective.
    2. Spend 3mins each morning visualizing your most important task being accomplished. Take yourself through each step. Add as many senses to it as possible including visual and auditory ques.

Give yourself one hour in the morning to get all these done. If you feel like you don’t have an hour to give, pick a couple of these to add in. See what works for you! The more consistent you can become in your own kick ass morning routine, the more control you’ll feel as you start your day.

To the good life!






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