5 Ways To Get Better Sleep

After a long day in the office, most of us can’t wait to get some good ol’ fashion shut eye. All the mental exhaustion from our daily challenges can burn up a lot of our body’s energy resources, not to mention that high intensity workout you managed to sneak in.

Sleep is the best way for us to recover and recharge. Most of us spend almost 1/3 of our lives in bed! What many might not realize is that it’s the QUALITY of the hours that count. When you have better quality sleep, your cells regenerate faster and you wake up as a better version of yourself.

So lets dive into some ways to make the most out of those hours and ensure you hit the next day with enthusiasm.

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    Workout in the Morning

    Encouraging a cortisol spike in the morning will help lower it in the evening.

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    Cut out caffeine and nicotine consumption by 2pm

    You may be able to drift off after a 5pm double espresso, but what you may not know is that caffeine can interfere with your sleep cycles, causing you to miss out on higher quality ZZZ’s

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    Get away from digital screens & bright lighting 1 hour before bedtime.

    It may be difficult to change your routine from the late night TV show to reading a book but studies show the blue light emitted from that TV screen suppress melatonin production, in turn it may mess up your sleep quality.

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    Blackout your bedroom

    Absolute darkness helps send a signal to your body that its time to sleep. Look for areas that leak light such as lights from electronic displays and consider using a piece of tape to cover them, or just unplug them.

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    Set a daily schedule for going to sleep and waking up

    Your body loves to find rhythm. You may notice when you set a regular time to hit the sheets and a regular time to get up, sleep becomes more effortless.

Sleep is a force-multiplier that can enhance many areas of your life, including your work performance and happiness. Try these techniques out and dive deeper into dreamland.

Sweet dreams!


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